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Social Media Disclaimer

Shenandoah River Getaways social media activities are intended to present agency matters of public interest to clients, businesses and visitors. We encourage users to submit questions and comments but asks users to remain civil and on topic.

  1. We strongly discourage, and may remove to the extent legally permissible, submissions with:

    1. Vulgar language.

    2. Sexual content.

    3. Hate speech or symbols.

    4. Personal attacks.

    5. Comments on content that promote, foster or perpetuate discrimination based on race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status and genetics with regard to public assistance, national origin, physical or intellectual disability, or sexual orientation.

    6. Spam and links to other sites.

    7. Off-topic content.

    8. Content that advocates illegal activity.

    9. Content that promotes particular services, products or political organizations.

    10. Content that infringes on copyrights or trademarks.

    11. Protected medical information or personal information that may potentially compromise the privacy or security of an individual’s identity.

    12. Information that may compromise the safety, security or proceedings of public systems or any criminal or civil investigation.

  2. User comments and content reflect the opinions and views of the author, not of Shenandoah River Getaways.

  3. No user may have any expectation of privacy in any message, file or image, or of data created, sent, retrieved or posted on any social media platform,

The user comments expressed on Shenandoah River Getaways social media sites do not reflect the opinions and policy positions of Shenandoah River Getaways or its officers and employees. Those with questions contact

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